Tutorials and External Links

Windows 11 / Windows 10

Move a Window using the Keyboard

The quickest way to rescue a settings window that pops up in the middle of a building projection…

After Effects

After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of relevant keyboard shortcuts


TouchDesigner Keyboard Shortcuts
A list of relevant keyboard shortcuts

TouchDesigner Wiki
Release notes, tutorials and other documentation by Derivative

Python Tips
Tables containing common Python and Tscript actions

TouchDesigner Forum
Official Derivative discussion and support forum

TouchDesigner Resources
Tutorials by Matthew Ragan – Media Maker and Interactive System Designer

TouchDesigner Tutorial For Beginners
Free crash course by Interactive & Immersive HQ’s Elburz Sorkhabi

An Introduction To TouchDesigner
Open source e-book by Elburz, nVoid and the greater TouchDesigner community

Production / Hire

Audio Visual Events
Projection, sound and lighting hire (Sydney)

Solar, audio, video, lighting, staging and management (Sydney)

MOD Productions
Realtime and virtual production studio (Sydney)

Production Technologies
Technical direction and production management (Sydney)

Asako Miura
Lighting design (Japan)

Yasutaka Kobayakawa
Live sound (Japan)

Electronic Components

Electronic parts and related tutorials (Online, USA)

Electronic parts and related tutorials (Online, USA)

Mechanical and robotic parts (Online, USA)

OSH Park
Low volume circuit board printing (Online, USA)

Little Bird Electronics
Supplier of brands including Adafruit, Pololu and Sparkfun (Online, Australia)

Electronic parts and enclosures (Physical, Australia)

RS Components Australia
Electronic parts and enclosures with free shipping (Online, Australia)

WES Australasia
Electronic parts and tools (Online, Australia)

Tokyo Radio Department Store Shops
Building in Akihabara containing many little electronics shops, including one specialising in Takachi enclosures and standoffs (Physical, Japan)

Akihabara Radio Kaikan
Building in Akihabara containing many little raw cable, audio part and tool shops (Physical, Japan)

Sengoku Denshou
Arduino-related and audio electronics (Physical, Japan)

Hirose Technical
Electronic parts and tools (Online, Japan)

RS Components Japan
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