After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

General ShortcutWindowsMac
Go to beginning or end of work areaShift + Home

Shift + End
Shift + Home

Shift + End
Go to beginning or end of composition, layer or footage itemHome


Go back or forward 1 framePage Up

Page Down
Page Up

Page Down
Go to layer In or Out pointI


Move selected layers so that their In point or Out point is at the current time[


Trim In point or Out point of selected layers to current timeAlt + [

Alt + ]
Option + [

Option + ]
Set In point or Out point by time-stretchingCtrl + Alt + ,Command + Option + ,
Add or remove expression for a propertyAlt + click stopwatchOption + click stopwatch
Display filename corresponding to the frame at the current time in the Info panelCtrl + Alt + ECommand + Option + E
Replace selected source footage for selected layers with footage item selected in Project panelCtrl + Alt + / (on main keyboard)Command + Option + / (on main keyboard)
Lock selected layersCtrl + LCommand + L
Unlock all layersCtrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Purge all memoryCtrl + Alt + / (on number pad)Command + Option + / (on number pad)
Timeline Panel PropertyWindows / Mac
Anchor PointA
Rotation and OrientationR
Mask featherF
Mask pathM
Mask opacityTT
Properties that have been modifiedUU
Properties with expressionsEE
Properties with keyframesU

Move a Window using the Keyboard

On a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer:

  1. Hold down ‘Alt’ + ‘Tab’ (A window selection pop-up should appear on the primary display)
  2. While continuing to hold ‘Alt’, release ‘Tab’
  3. Tap ‘Tab’ multiple times to cycle through to the window you wish to move
  4. Release ‘Alt’ (The window will now be selected as if you had clicked on the title bar)
  5. Press ‘Alt’ + ‘Space’ (This opens the window’s ‘Window’ menu)
  6. Press ‘M’ (This selects the ‘Move’ command, turning the cursor into a cross with arrows)
  7. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to move the window back onto the primary display
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